My work is about relationships—relationships between me and the viewer, a viewer and a video, a photograph of the viewer and the video. I am not a painter, a photographer, a sculptor, or a performance artist; however, any of these handles might serve to describe my practice when necessary. I strive to reinterpret the nature of performative practice and its relationship to more traditional media such as drawing, video, and photography. I have a love for the fleeting, the ephemeral, and the comic. I craft objects and moments that are rooted in my own sense of humor and stylized around what I find funny. My physicality calls for props like high-heeled clown shoes, and my sensibility calls for the use of stylized props such as a cartoon ladder, a fake stove, or a large mustache. Like a joke, my work is meant to live beyond its first telling, and each retelling is different. My work is imbued with the performative and crafted to be documented. The method used to record the work is tailored for the work’s next iteration. Each iteration cannot be treated merely as documentation, but as the next telling of the work.