Meg Duguid

I am a performance artist with a studio-based practice. I create exhibitions and installations that center around issues of performance but are rooted in the object. I create work that generates pieces and parts that are meant to be reused, repurposed, or rejiggered in my studio for a performance, an exhibition, or installation or all three. I subscribe to the veracity of creating a work that blends the formal qualities of visual media with the barebones nature of performance art. This confluence of formalism and organic process that I have developed is a dialogue with the economy of optimism. My ultimate goal as an artist is to continue and grow this process over decades. A performance at a beach derives from a work for a public fountain. That same work for the public fountain generates a piece that in turn is re-mantled for a performative installation in a gallery. That gallery piece then generates paintings for another exhibition, and on and on it goes. My work isn’t work at all; it is process, each piece in turn begetting the next work.