Portfolio > Ovation

one performer (me)
one altered Bathing Beauty outfit
one 5 foot ladder
two sandbags
one shovel
one length of rope (20-40 feet)
bubble wrap
one water proof disposable camera


Bubble wrap is passed out to the audience

The performer, wearing a tyveck suit, opens up the ladder, drops the empty sand bags, and plants the shovel in the ground. She unfurls the rope and ties it to the ladder. She fills the bags and ties the rope to the bags. She then takes the ladder out into the lake and attempts to stand it up using the sand bags as an anchor on the beach. This cumbersome action takes multiple tries. Finally the ladder is anchored in the water. The audience is documented with a camera. This bubble wrap is wrapped up.

This work was performed as a part of Water Music put together by 6018 North