Portfolio > Tramp Project: Produced by an Aftermath

Produced by an Aftermath was a video installation that utilizes the shape of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago’s window to generate a view of an aftermath. This work will be used as part of the Tramp Project. Produced by an Aftermath was projected in the gallery with a flat file installation of work created during the Tramp Project.

The Tramp Project is a performance for film project adapting on James Agee’s 1947 script, The Tramp’s New World, originally written for Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character. Throughout the Tramp Project, Duguid is generating a set that is a platform for a series of performances. The result of those performances will be a fully edited feature and cinema experience, a series of objects and sets, and a series of production stills, all of which can be interchanged in various exhibitions and screenings that continue to loop from performance to documentation and back to performance again. In essence, the performance is the shooting of the film, the film is the documentation of the performance that is screened to an audience while an experimental band plays a live score, the live score is then edited into the film, which is then rescreened to a new audience….